Our Values

Do what’s right!

Respect, Ingenuity, Grit, Honesty, and Teamwork – are foundations to living a successful and fulfilling life. We believe that teaching our students to live these values every day, in school and out, will help them learn to take ownership over their own education and their lives.

“Our Right Values”

students sitting in classroom

students sitting in class room

Respect – We always respect ourselves and others. We know that if we expect respect from others, we must be the first to show it.

Ingenuity – We challenge ourselves to find new solutions to the most difficult problems. We always welcome the opportunity to think creatively.

Grit – We will undoubtedly face adversity. We have the strength of character to persist through even the most challenging problems.

Honesty – We strive to be truthful at all times. We know we will be judged by others on the strength of our integrity, and we take that very seriously.

Teamwork – We know that we are strongest and most successful when we work together. We seek out opportunities to collaborate and share with others.

At its best, in the words of Nelson Mandela, education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world; yet, at its worst, when schools are not able to push their students towards paradigm-shifting achievement, education can also serve to oppress those who need the most support. When opportunity is based largely on intellectual capital, and when your ability to build and grow that capital is limited by means outside of your own control, your access to opportunity is being suppressed.

At Compass Rose, we fight hard against this inequality by setting ambitious standards for all of our students, pushing our students to reach those lofty goals, and supporting each and every one of them as they struggle to achieve their dreams.