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Compass Rose Legacy, currently serving grades K-10 on two campuses, is focused on Entrepreneurship and Computer Science. In 8th grade, they will put their coding knowledge to work in a Robotics and Engineering course, which will require them to design, plan, and execute long-term STEM projects. They will have the chance to experience what it takes to build a business from the design phase to the launch.

Our Leaders

highschool princiapl cliff clafin

Cliff Claflin
High School Principal

bittany thompson middle school pricipal

Brittany Thompson
Middle School Principal

Gaby Patton elementary school principal

Gabby Patton
Elementary School Principal

BUS Drop off & pickup locations

– Good Samaritan Center 1600 Saltillo, SA, TX 78207
– Mayan Palace Grosvenor Street, SA, TX 78221
– Rosemont Apt @ Univ. Park 102 Emerald Ash, SA, TX 78221
– Champion Homes 1803 Marshall Cross, SA, TX 78214
– Cielo Hills Apt 2819 SE Military, SA, TX 78223
– Lake Village Mobile Homes 4946 Lake Village, SA, TX 78223
– Union Stock Yards 1770 S San Marcos, SA, TX 78207
– Davis Scott YMCA 1213 Iowa St, SA, TX 78203
– Former Neighborhood Walmart 3418 E Southcross, SA, TX 78223
– Mission Country Park 6030 Padre Dr., SA, TX 78214

*Different buses for elementary and middle/high

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