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K-7 Tuition-Free Public Charter Elementary & Middle School

Who We Are

At Compass Rose Ingenuity, we know that you want your children to soar and pursue their own dreams. In order to do that, your children’s teachers need to believe in those dreams, and in your children, as much you do. Too often it can feel like your child is just a number in a system that is overlooking their individual potential. We believe that all of our children can achieve big dreams with teachers who believe in them and an academic program that supports their individual needs and goals.

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Academic Grounding for a Limitless Future

1. Aeronautics

Experience STEM through the lens of aeronautics giving you a competitive edge in an emerging field.

2. Coding

Learn coding in kindergarten to prepare you for AP Computer courses in high school.

3. Character Development

Practice core values and track personal growth through consistent communication between families and staff.

Our Leaders

Jonathan Tyrrell
Middle School Principal

Mr. Tyrrell is the founding principal at Ingenuity. He has 17 years of experience in education and a track record of leading schools into the top brackets of achievement in Texas. More than anything, he desires for students to beloved, affirmed, and challenged to be their best.

elementary principal at compass rose ingenuity

Melissa Sanchez
Elementary School Principal

Ms. Sanchez has successfully founded multiple schools and has a wealth of leadership experience. However, it is her servant heart that makes her so effective at her job. She allows the needs of the students and families to inform her decisions as a leader.

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