Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

At Compass Rose, academic achievement coupled with personal growth is our “True North.” Everything we do is oriented in that direction. 

We are resolute that every student will experience success in school, at every grade level and in every subject, so they can be academically prepared for college and the world beyond.

At the same time, we support our students as they learn the character traits necessary to be good citizens and effective advocates for themselves and others.


Our Vision

Far too often, the socioeconomic circumstances into which a child is born determine his or her destiny. Currently, about 1 in 10 low-income students communities graduate from college.

Theoretically, free public education is provided to help overcome or circumvent this reality. Our country was founded on the idea that, with enough hard work and determination, anyone could become successful. Yet, students in urban areas, far too often lack the kind of high-quality educational options their peers in more affluent neighborhoods enjoy. The result is an opportunity gap that widens dramatically generation by generation.

Regardless of ZIP code, all children have the right to dream, and they all have the right to pursue their dreams and ambition using the same intellectual tools as their peers. Our elementary and middle schools must provide educational opportunities that honor their students’ ambition in scope and impact.


Our Approach to building a great school is based on three foundational beliefs:


Every child, no matter their race, socio-economic status, zip code, or home language, can be on a path to college and a lifetime of success.


Students thrive in a personalized, structured, and supportive environment.


Teaching technology literacy, leadership skills, cultural competence, and self-advocacy are critical components to building our country’s future leaders.

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