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How to Get Involved

We welcome all family members to bring whatever time and talent you can to the school. Compass Rose encourages parents and family members to regularly visit the school and become involved in student activities.

The impact that positive parental involvement has on the learning and development of students is immeasurable. with that in mind, the following policies must be adheres to so that a safe, secure, and productive learning environment can be ensured for all.

  • Visitors MUST sign in at the Front Office whenever they are on campus. They will be provided with a visitor ID that must be worn while on campus. Visitors are not permitted to make unscheduled or drop-in visits to classrooms.
  • When visiting campus to meet with teaching staff, visitors must have a pre-arranged time set up with the teacher(s) in question except for urgent matters. Times are best arranged via email. An email directory is located on our website. With few exceptions, conferences are scheduled during teacher/team planning time, and/or immediately before or after school. Under no circumstances can a teacher be interrupted while providing instruction before, during, or after the school day to meet with a parent.
  • Visitors to campus must be the parent, guardians, or other adult family members with permission of the parent/guardian. Students’ friends, younger siblings, and other non- related individuals cannot visit the campus during school hours.
  • Volunteers MUST go through a background check conducted by our district office. Once the check is cleared, volunteers are notified and may begin helping on campus. Until this clearance is obtained, they are not to be involved in any educational or extra-curricular activities.

Some Ways to Volunteer at Open

  1. Chair an Event or Volunteer– The many events throughout the year including conference week, teacher appreciation, and book fairs are successful because of the efforts of volunteers.
  2. Fundraisers – Plan and execute fundraisers throughout the year that raise money to support essential programs including Art, Technology, Special Programs, and more.
  3. Volunteer in the classrooms. Family are welcome in classrooms to work with the students and the teachers.

How to Get Involved

Start getting involved by filling out the Online Volunteer Form, where you can indicate your interests and unique skills.

For upcoming events make sure you keep up with our news and events page.

Talk with your child’s teachers to volunteer in the classroom.

Please use the form below to contact us about volunteer opportunities.

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