Your Annual Contribution Makes the Difference!

As you know, delivering extraordinary education is not possible without your contributions.

Compass Rose relies on direct financial contributions from our families, extended families, and friends.

Why Annual Giving is So Important
Annual Giving has a big impact for several reasons…
1. Every Dollar Counts – Every single dollar raised in direct donations counts 100% towards achieving an excellent education for your children.

2. Your Donation is Tax Deductible – If you itemize deductions, you can count your donation as a charitable contribution.

3. Matches can Multiply the Effect. Many employers and family foundations match direct contributions to Compass Rose

4. It is Fast and Simple. With our online form and a variety of payment options, contributing directly is the fastest and simplest way to impact our kids.

To make your annual contribution or to make a donation just [ click here ].

If you prefer to write a check please make it payable to Compass Rose and mail to:

Compass Rose Public Schools
8005 Outer Circle Rd
San Antonio, Texas 78235

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