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Compass Rose Public Schools
Technology Education Program

Compass Rose students take a unique Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) program that leverages the power of spiraled learning.

They begin in 6th grade with a Design Thinking course, where they learn how to understand a big problem, observe and develop empathy for those embroiled in the problem, develop a point of view and generate ideas for solving the problem, design prototypes for solutions to the problem, and test the prototypes until an optimal solution emerges. In short, we teach them how to convert need into demand.

In 7th grade, they will take a Computer Programming course, so that every student is able to translate design into code. They will start out by using Scratch, a visual programming tool. As they improve, they will progress into advanced programming languages using a platform called Raspberry Pi.

In 8th grade, they will put that coding knowledge to work in a Robotics and Engineering course, which will require them to design, plan, and execute long-term STEM projects.

They will have the chance to experience what it takes to build a business from the design phase to the launch.

We also believe critical thinking is essential to student success. The Compass Rose academic program is developed to teach this skill early in the curriculum and to help students develop effective critical thinking habits and apply them in a wide array of contexts to demonstrate deep mastery of each subject.

Once students have a solid foundation of reading, writing, math, and critical thinking skills, they are prepared to accelerate ahead in all of their classes.

This unique seven-year STEM thread will provide our students with valuable experience to help them build highly sought-after skills, knowledge, and mindsets.

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