Compass Rose Public Schools Academic Program

The Compass Rose academic program will take this same approach, building a strong fundamental foundation of reading, writing, and mathematics skill and content knowledge for each of our students.

We believe that students must have a strong fundamental base in these areas in order to be successful in any class, so we spend double the amount of time in literacy and math classes as more traditional schools.


Our RIGHT values are the basis for our character development program at Compass Rose. These lay the foundation for how we expect our staff and students to operate on a daily basis.

Students receive positive feedback from staff based on these values and earn incentives accordingly.

Every student is assigned an advisor to meet with each week to work on character development

All courses at Compass Rose will be aligned to the Texas TEKS standards and backwards – planned from the STAAR assessment to ensure rigorous coursework and adequate student preparation are at the forefront of our curricula.

Science courses will consist of 60% lab time.

Implementing supplemental programs allow for individualized support in reading, math, and writing.

We also believe critical thinking is essential to student success. The Compass Rose academic program is developed to teach this skill early in the curriculum and to help students develop effective critical thinking habits and apply them in a wide array of contexts to demonstrate deep mastery of each subject.

Once students have a solid foundation of reading, writing, math, and critical thinking skills, they are prepared to accelerate ahead in all of their classes.

A well-rounded liberal arts education includes social studies classes – including a full year of Texas history in seventh grade – and science classes.

The science courses at Compass Rose are lab-based and include at least 40% lab time. The curriculum also includes arts classes and physical education (P.E.) to ensure our students are exposed to those essential learning strands.

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