Academic Programs

The Compass Rose academic program builds a strong fundamental foundation of reading, writing, and mathematics skill and content knowledge for each of our students. We believe students must have a strong fundamental base in these areas in order to be successful in any class, so we spend double the amount of time in literacy and math classes as more traditional schools. We also believe critical thinking is essential to student success. The Compass Rose academic program is developed to teach this skill early in the curriculum and to help students develop effective critical thinking habits and apply them in a wide array of contexts to demonstrate deep mastery of each subject.

Each campus focuses on what our community needs for its students to succeed. We commit to serving our communities and in turn prepare children for college and to become leaders in their community. All instruction is TEKS-aligned with a focus on student discussion, inquiry, problem-solving and deep understanding of content. All high school students are on the Texas Distinguished Graduation plan with a college-preparatory curriculum and experience that is aimed at preparing students for AP coursework and beyond.

Compass rose LEGACY

Compass Rose Legacy, currently serving grades K-10 on two campuses, is focused on Entrepreneurship and Computer Science focused. In 8th grade, they will put their coding knowledge to work in a Robotics and Engineering course, which will require them to design, plan, and execute long-term STEM projects. They will have the chance to experience what it takes to build a business from the design phase to the launch.

Compass rose INGENUITY

Compass Rose Ingenuity, currency serving grades K-6 in Port San Antonio, is focused on STEM education within the lens of aeronautics’s. Students begin computer coding in Kindergarten. This unique STEM thread provides our students with valuable experience to help them build highly sought-after skills, knowledge, and mindsets.

Compass rose DESTINY

Compass Rose Destiny, coming in 2021 to the greater Austin Area, will focus on Computer Science.

Compass rose WINDCREST

Compass Rose Windcrest, coming in 2021 to Northeast San Antonio, will focus on Computer Science.

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