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Compass Rose teachers are passionate innovators. They believe in the power of an excellent education to change the lives of students, and they desperately want to build a game-changing school that redefines public education in the city of San Antonio, the state of Texas, and across the country.

They know how critically important it is to develop a classroom culture that drives student achievement and personal growth for each individual child. So they teach students to hold themselves to high expectations, both academically and behaviorally, and they tirelessly support students when they fall short of those expectations.

Our teachers are hungry to grow as leaders in this work every day, driven by personal reflection, coaching from school leadership, and partnerships with transformational colleagues.

They understand founding an excellent school will be personally and intellectually exhausting. It will push us to our professional limits. It will ask more of us than we thought we had to give. But they also know we will all be part of something that is worthy, desperately needed, and surely possible for thousands of students in our city.


  • Develop and implement rigorous, standards-aligned lesson plans that drive student learning to places they never imagined they would reach.
  • Build strong relationships with parents and students, fostering an investment in school and an understanding that learning is exciting, rewarding, and, worthwhile that lasts a lifetime.
  • Analyze data collaboratively with colleagues and School Leadership to critically and strategically respond to the needs of each and every student, treating children as individuals with their own specific needs.
  • Work to get better at your craft every day, because you have the honor and great responsibility of teaching children… the greatest job in the world.

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